globalGlobal Citizenship

Monday 9:00 - 11:45 AM
M. Linhardt & K. Elliott (instructors)

SSC 107/PSY 107/HUS 107
SSC 307/PSY 307/HUS 307

This course is designed to serve as an opportunity for students to participate in global citizenship working with students from Czech Republic, TUL.

The goal is to develop intercultural competencies, increase students cultural awareness of the U.S. and Czech Republic. This is an opportunity to study psychosocial topics collaborating with peers and faculty through the use of social media and polycom. Selected topics are developed to support multiple programs and strengthen students' self-awareness as global citizens. The course is a 3 credit course, it has an enrollment cap of 12, and has no required prerequisites.

SSC/PSY/HUS 307 is an upper level elective. Class is open for all UMA students.

Register for this course in MaineStreet, call 1-877-UMA-1234 or visit any of our campuses.

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