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Professional Employees Assembly

The Professional Employees Assembly (PEA) of the University of Maine at Augusta represents over 140 employees working on the two UMA campuses (Augusta and Bangor) and at many locations throughout the state. The PEA provides a forum for the University of Maine at Augusta’s (UMA) professional employees to meet and share information for the development of our members and the education of our students.  A Senate comprised of 9 Senators governs the PEA.

PEA Senators

Senator Role/Term Expires
Laura Rodas  Chair, 2017
Alyra Donisvitch  Vice-Chair, 2018
Chip Curry  Secretary, 2017
Don Osier  Treasurer, 2017
Terri Reiter  Professional Development Funds Chair, 2018
Katherine Trask  Liaison to Classified Employee Assembly (CEA), 2018
Vacant  Liaison to Student Government Association (SGA), 2017
Terry Lawson  Liaison to Faculty Senate, 2017
Shelley Taylor  Senator at Large, 2018

Funding Opportunities for Personal and Professional Development

The PEA has funds to support personal and professional development. The funds can be used for workshops and training fees or to pay for books and course fees. The current grant limit is $250 per fiscal year per professional employee. To request funds, the appropriate form needs to be downloaded, completed, and mailed to Terri Reiter, Development Fund Coordinator.

PEA Events

First Fridays with PEA!

Please join us on the first Friday of every month for an open forum with PEA from noon to 1 PM. You are welcome to bring your lunch to this one-hour event, though please note that attendance is considered work time.


March 3

April 7

May 5

June 2

We anticipate covering several topics at each forum, including providing an opportunity for departments to provide updates to new initiatives and the work they are doing, individuals who have received PEA Professional Development Funding sharing what they’ve used their funding for, and open discussion of current issues/events. As needed, we will bring in system or campus resources to cover relevant topical areas for the group.


PEA Constitution and Bylaws

Senate Meeting Minutes

Please click here to access previous PEA meeting minutes.


Meritorious Service Award

The Meritorious Service Award is given anually to an outstanding Professional Employee. PEA members may nominate any professional staff member (not limited to the professional bargaining unit).  Voting occurs in late July with the winner announced at the Welcome Back Breakfast.

2016  – Dennis Unger

2015 – Michael Clements

2014 – Sheila Crowley

2013 – Bob Stewart

2012 – Peter St. Michel

2011 – Tricia Dyer

2010 – Sheri Stevens

2009 – Marcia Mower

2008 – Emily Johnston

2007 – Sheri Fraser

2006 – Dick Randall

2005 – Priscilla Costello

2004 – Dave Beaulieu

2003 – Warren Newton

2002 – Kathleen Dexter




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