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PEA Constitution

Article I – Purpose

The Professional Employees Assembly shall provide a forum for the University of Maine at Augusta’s (UMA) professional employees to meet, share information, and encourage joint support for the development of our members and the education of our students.  The forum shall make recommendations to the President on matters of direct relevance to the Assembly. Collaboration with the UMA faculty, classified staff, and student organizations shall be encouraged.

Article II – Authority

The Professional Employees Assembly acknowledges that the University of Maine System Board of Trustees is the legal governing body of the University of Maine System.  Nothing within this Constitution, or its accompanying By-Laws, shall be construed as granting to the Professional Employees Assembly the authority to act outside the policies of the aforementioned Board of Trustees.  The Board of Trustees delegates to the Chancellor the authority for approval of this Constitution. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to suspend, amend or otherwise alter any constitution or governing document if the Board finds at any time that the provisions of such a document are contrary to the policies of the Board of Trustees.

Article III – Name

The name of the organization is the Professional Employees Assembly of the University of Maine at Augusta and shall hereinafter be referred to as the PEA.

Article IV – Membership

All UMA’s professional employees are members. Both the President and the Provost of UMA shall be non-voting, ex-officio members.

The PEA shall be governed by a nine member Senate.

An election for Senators shall be held annually in May.  Terms of office shall be from June 1 of the first year to May 31 of the second year.  To provide a level of continuity, four of the Senate seats will be elected in even years and the other five will be elected in odd years. Senators shall serve until their replacements have been elected.

Each Senator shall have an assigned role to fulfill the mission of the Assembly.  The assigned roles are selected among the Senators at the first session after the election.  The roles are:

  1. Chair
  2. Vice Chair
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Liaison to the Faculty Senate
  6. Liaison to the Student Government Association
  7. Liaison to the Classified Employees Assembly
  8. Chair of Professional Development
  9. At Large

Article VI – Executive Board

The executive board shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.  The purposes of the executive board shall be (1) to set the agenda for the full PEA, (2) to choose representation to any relevant ad hoc committee(s) or meetings, and (3) to meet for emergency decisions.

Article VII – Meetings

Three types of meetings shall exist.

 (1) Assembly

The Assembly meetings shall meet at least once a year and shall be open to all professional employees of UMA.  Any member of the PEA may request an Assembly meeting through the Chair.  The Chair shall bring the request to the Senate.  Two-thirds of the Senate (six Senators) shall be required for a quorum of the Assembly meetings.

(2) Senate

The Senate shall meet as necessary and any Senator may request a meeting. The Chair shall have the right to determine if a meeting is warranted.  The Senate meetings shall be closed for Senate membership only.

(3) Executive Board

The Executive Board shall meet as necessary.  Any Board member may request a Board meeting and the Chair shall have the right to determine if a meeting is warranted.  Three-fourths of the Board (3) members shall be required for a quorum.  The Executive Board meetings shall be closed.  Non-Board individuals/groups may be invited based on a three-fourths vote of Board members.

Article VIII – Voting

In general, only Senators shall have voting privileges; each Senator shall communicate with his/her constituents to garner their input prior to voting.  Senate votes are decided by a majority of the Senators voting, providing that at least six Senators (a quorum) cast votes.

Under special circumstances and at the discretion of the Chair, voting shall be open to all members and a majority vote of the UMA professional employees voting shall be required for passage.

Article IX – By-Laws

An ad hoc subcommittee shall be formed bi-annually to review the By-laws and make revisions as necessary.


Proposed for approval:

December 2002

September 25, 2009 (Draft Revision)

December, 2009 (revision)

July 2014 (revision)

March 2015 (Final Revision)

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