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Military Training Credits

How Military Training May Transfer in as UMA Credits

AR-2201-0399 Basic Combat Training Basic Training 4 Credits General Elective
AR-0419-0046 Cargo Specialist 4 Credits General Elective
AR-1403-0007 Administrative Specialist 4 Credits Business Elective
MOS 42A-001 Computer Applications 3 Credits CIS 100
MOS 42A-001 Human Resource Mangement 3 Credits BUA 361
MC-2204-0088 Recruit Training (Basic Training) 8 Credits General Elective
MC-1401-0009 Personal Finance 3 Credits BUA 151
MC-1606-0010 Introduction to Terrorism 1 Credit General Elective
MCE-6014-001 Aircraft Mechanic 15 Credits General Electives
MCE-6432-002 Aircraft Electrical/Instrument/Flight Tech. 13 Credits General Electives
NV-2202-0014 Basic Military Training 4 Credits General Elective
NV-0703-0005 Hospital Corpsman, Basic 2 Credits BIO Elective,
10 Credits General Electives
NV-0705-0010 Basic X-Ray Technician 11 Credits General Electives
NER-EO-002 Equipment Operator 8 Credits General Electives
NEC-2186-002 Career Recruiter-Recruiter In Charge 3 Credits COM 101
3 Credits BUA 220
3 Credits BUA 263
6 Credits Business Electives
CG- 2205-0035 Recruit Training (Basic Training) 4-6 Credits General Electives
CG-1408-0036 Radarman First Class 1 Credit General Elective
CG-1712-Diesel Engine Operator 3 Credits General Elective
CG-1728-0039 Marine Safety Inspection 9 Credits General Electives
3 Credits General Electives Upper Level
PHE 1000 Physical Education/Wellness 4 Credits General Elective
LMM 1111 Leadership/Management I 2 Credits Business Elective
EDT 2834 Staff Development Trainer 1 Credit General Elective
LMM 2121 Leadership/Management II 3 Credits BUA 223
INT 7000 Craftsman 4 Credits General Elective

These are examples only; an official evaluation is completed upon assessment of each individual transcript.

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