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Syllabus Required Content

Course catalog description, prerequisites, and credit hours:

Course Guide and Catalog Link

Faculty Contact Information

  • Name, office location, email address, phone number, other as applicable.
  • Recommended – indicate best means of contact.

Office Hours

Comments related to office hours

  • FT faculty are required to hold six hours of office hours
  • PT faculty are not required to hold office hours, however they should be responsive to student needs and inquiries and recommend specific times and ways they are available.
  • Office hours should be given to the College office the first week of classes.

Learning outcomes as per course charter. Additional learning outcomes may be added beyond charter agreement.

Required and recommended course materials with ISBN as applicable (e.g. textbook, software, supplies, web-based materials).

Statement on promptness of grading and response time. Sample language:
     “If you send me an email during the week, you should expect a response within XX hours/days.  Over  the weekend or on holidays, the response time will be longer.”

“Generally, assignments and tests will be graded within XX days of receipt.”

Learning management system used, if any (e.g. Bb, website, Mainestreet), Internet Access, technology needed. Sample language:
“Participation in this course may require that you have access to high speed internet.  This is especially critical for accessing online resources such as Blackboard, video presentations including delayed viewing of classes and embedded videos, Google hangout, or interactive online “labs” such as MY Math Lab. [customize for your class] You may use your own computer or may be able to use lab computers at the various sites and centers around the state.”

Statement regarding how to obtain assistance with technology, as applicable. Sample language: “If you have technical issues with Blackboard, please contact our IT helpdesk at or 621-3475.”

Suggested, but not required, “Any E-mail sent will go to your address that was automatically created for you when you registered for classes.”

Student privacy statement (below) must be included in the syllabus and posted in Blackboard for recorded courses with students present if you plan to make the recordings available to other students*.
     “Please be aware that recordings of this class may be made available to other students not enrolled in  this section of the course.”

*Faculty are reminded that courses which encourage the sharing of personally identifiable information of a personal and/or sensitive nature should not be shared with students registered in other sections of the course.

Time expectations for success in the course – Sample text:

“Expect to work an average of six to nine hours a week outside of class on class preparation, completion of work and studying for tests.  This may vary on any particular week depending on class workload.”

Testing, grading and evaluation policy to include:

  • Grade calculations, to include weight assigned to each assignment
  • Grading scale*, to include the grades of W, WF (if awarded), L, and Incomplete
    (Suggested language regarding the W, WF, L grades to be developed.)
    *Some programs use a common grading scale. Check with the program/discipline coordinator to determine if there is a program/department requires a specific grading scale.

Assignments with due dates, to include exams, papers, projects, etc.

Make-Up/Late Work Policy – Sample policies:

“If you miss an exam or paper deadline, you will have an opportunity to make up the assignment only if you have a documented, legitimate excuse.  Otherwise you will not receive credit for that assignment.  You will be required to discuss the matter with me outside of class.”

“Make-up exams will not be given without prior notification of the instructor.  All make-up exams must be taken prior to the next class meeting.  Late homework assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances.”

Incomplete Policy – Sample text:

“Awarding of the grade of Incomplete is at the discretion of the instructor.  Incomplete grades will be granted only under unusual circumstances which prevent a student from completing the course during the semester in which the student is enrolled.  The student must request the grade of incomplete from the instructor prior to the end of the semester. Not all requests will be approved.  Incompletes must be made up by the end of the next semester or by a specified time that is jointly agreed upon by the instructor and student.  Otherwise, the student will receive the grade he or she has earned based upon the course work completed.”

  • Statement regarding the Academic Integrity Policy*, to include url for or link to policy: Student Handbook Link (link updated, 5/2106)

Sample text:  “Academic integrity means that a student’s work is the product of his/her own effort. Violations of academic integrity include such behaviors as cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism, and are described more fully in the UMA Student Academic Integrity Code which is published in the online UMA Student Handbook. Each student is responsible for learning the standards of academic integrity, and ensuring that his/her work meets these standards. Failure to do so may result in appropriate sanctions consistent with UMA Student Academic Integrity Policy.  If you have questions about the academic integrity of your work, discuss these with your instructor before submitting the work.  The full policy can be found at Student Handbook Link”   (link updated, 5/2016)

*Comment:  Some departments have required language regarding academic integrity.  Check with the program/discipline coordinator.

ADA Accommodations – Required text:

“If you have a disability which may affect your ability to participate fully in this course, it is your responsibility to request accommodations promptly.  Contact the Learning Support Services Office on your campus, or Coordinator of Student Services at your campus or center to discuss possible assistance.  Accommodations must be requested each semester, and are not provided retroactively.  More information can be found at: Disability Services Link.”

Title IX Statement – Required text:

“The University of Maine at Augusta is committed to providing an environment free of violence and harassment based on sex and gender. Such civil rights offences are subject to the same accountability and support as offences based on race, national origin, etc. If you or someone else within the UMA community is struggling with sex discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault relationship violence, or stalking you can find the appropriate resources at: Title IX Link.”  (link updated, 5/2016)

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