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UMA NEASC Self-Study Archive

NEASC Self-Study 2007 Documents

Note: All documents below are in Microsoft Word format

  • Preface
  • Overview
  • Standard One: Mission and Purposes
  • Standard Two: Planning and Evaluation
  • Standard Three: Organization and Governance
  • Standard Four: The Academic Program
  • Standard Five: Faculty
  • Standard Six: Students
  • Standard Seven: Library & Other Information Resources
  • Standard Eight: Physical and Technological Resources
  • Standard Nine: Financial Resources
  • Standard Ten: Public Disclosure
  • Standard Eleven: Integrity
  • Institutional Characteristics
  • Required NEASC Data Forms
  • Organizational Chart (overview)
  • Revenue, Expense and Changes in Assets 6.30.06
  • KPMG Auditors’ Notes 6.30.06
  • CIHE Commission’s previous letters
University of Maine at Augusta