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How to Register With MyMathTest


You may wish to print this page for your reference.

  1. Go to and choose Buy Access.
  2. Click on Purchasing Online Access.
  3. Choose I Accept at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Under Do you have a Pearson Education account? select NO then Create a Login Name and Password, click Next.
  5. Fill in the following information.
    1. Name
    2. E-mail Address (use an email address that you check)
    3. School Country (United States)
    4. School Zip (04330)
    5. Select your School Name (Univ of Maine at Augusta) from the drop down menu.
    6. Finally, select your Security Question and Your Answer. Then choose Next.
  6. Provide your Payment Information and click Continue to review your order.
  7. After you have placed your order, choose Log in Now and log into MyMathTest. Click on Enter MyMathTest.
  8. The first time you log into MyMathTest you will see the Enroll in a New Course screen. Do the following:
    Check that the school is correct (Univ of Maine at Augusta).
    Select Contact (UMaine Augusta).
    Select MyMathTest Program (UMA Math Study Plan 2016-2018).
    Click Enroll.


Program name    UMA Math Study Plan 2016-2018
Program ID      XL2A-M1TU-201Y-7EV2
Test Bank       MyMathTest: Developmental Mathematics

University of Maine at Augusta