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How To Use MyMathTest


You may wish to print this page for your reference.

Go to to and enter your username and password to login.

Follow the browser check (top of screen) on your first visit to MyMathTest.

To get started once you are logged on:

  1. Click on Take a Test and take the first test, Whole Numbers.
  2. If you score less than 80%, click on Study Plan to study the concepts that you missed on the test. A pencil next to an item indicates that you need further study in that category. A graduation cap means that you mastered the content. As you progress through your personalized study plan, use the tools to help you to learn the content.
    Note: You may wish to complete the Study Plan before taking the tests.
  3. When you are done studying, re-take the test. If you score less than 80%, click on Study Plan and follow the updated plan.
  4. Continue this process as you proceed through the tests.

Note: Calculators are not allowed on the UMA placement exam. It would be wise to study without the aid of a calculator.


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