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Mande Kora a West African System
Mande Kora Music
Plunkett Collection


Collected writings, essays, and interviews from 35 years of ethnic music research

By Margit Cronmueller Smith, MA
Tuebingen, Germany


Manuscript and Music

Untitled2This manuscript and related music Margit performed is provided for all to use under a Creative Commons license by the University of Maine at Augusta.

Manuscript »

Music » Untitled1

UMA is indebted to Dr. Hadley Smith former Associate Professor at UMA, long time Economist with the US Agency for International Development in Africa and, during her studies and work in Africa, Margit’s husband. Hadley honors Margit by compiling and arranging completion of her manuscript and having her music converted from cassette tapes to mp3 files - all to benefit world music researchers worldwide. Margit’s Kora manuscript of 207 pages consists largely of ten years of her extensive professional interviews with many of West Africa’s leading Mande kora performers.

Margit died in her home country of Germany in 2004 from breast cancer. Her work and incredible talents are here today because of her many friends and Hadley Smith who orchestrated all of it.


Quote from Margit:

"I must admit, that during my apprenticeship, I was frequently discouraged, impatient, rough, hot tempered and lost. I actually damned the 'shortcomings' of the kora. Now I am wiser and acquired some of the sanun suman jeli qualities….and think that these “shortcomings” are assets of the instrument, because they keep away superficial musicians who look for instant success and are unwilling or incapable of honor (lanbe) and follow the traditional Manding way, or lit., siliaba, the big, meaning the correct and straight (no detours) way."

The Mande Kora Music

Music Margit performed is provided for all to use under a Creative Commons license by the University of Maine at Augusta.  Windows Media Player Required.

R12 1989.08.Jan. - Side B, Sidiki and students, Abidjan.wma
B. 1984.15.JUN - Side B.wma
R13 1981.16.Jan. - Side A, IBRD Soiree, Abidjan.wma
R14 ---.--.---. - Side B, Messe Mali,.wma
R11 1984.20.May. - Side B, Sidiki, Sekou.wma
R15 1985.--.---. - Side A, Mande Music, Sidiki Yayo, Salvaged by Roy Mitchell.wma
R16 1985.--.---. - Side B, Deux Koras, Kenya.wma
R16 1985.10,11.Dec. - Side A, Keny.wma
R17 1984.--.---. - Side A, Fode Drame, Chez Corale. Senegal, Margit Smith.wma
R18 1997.--.---. - Side A, Fode Drame.wma
R18 1997.27.May. - Side B, Kora Solo en Mode , Dou M Djigiba.wma
R8 1984.May.22. - Side B, Sidiki on Kora in Abidjan.wma
B. 1984.15.JUN -.wma
R19 ------ Side B.wma
R20 1992.--.---. - Side A, Kora Dou.wma
R21 1990.--.---. - Side A, Fur Brigitta and Roy.wma
R21 1990.--.Oct. - Side B, Deusche Welle.wma
R22 1999.27.Oct - Side B, Trio Kokoko, Tubingen.wma
R23 1999.28.Oct - Side A, Trio Ko koo ko, Tubingen.wma
R24 1999.--.Oct. - Side B, Concert Trio Ko ko ko.wma
R24 1999.--.Oct. -Side A, Trio Ko Ko Ko.wma
R25 2002.--.Sept. - Side A, Dande Quartet, Zurich, Probe I.wma
R25 2002.--.Sept. - Side B, unknown.wma
C. 1984.--.---. - Side A.wma
R26 2002.29.Sept. - Side A, Zurich, Konzert A, Concert Hall.wma
R26 2002.29.Sept. - Side B, Zurich, Konzert B, Villa Wesedonsh, Better Recording.wma
R27 - Side B.wma
R27 2002.29.Sept. - Side A, Mande Quartet, After Concert in Gilla Park..wma
R28 - Side A.wma
R29 2000.--.Oct. - Side A, Mande Trio Demo, Yachouba Sissokho, Margit Smith, Morica Koita.wma
R30 2001.01.Sept. - Side A, Mande Musik Auf.wma
R30 2001.01.Sept. - Side B, Mande music, Zurich.wma
Side A, 60th Annaversary Recording for Florabelle and Ed.wma
Side B, 60th Anniversary, Florabele and Ed.wma
C. 1984.--.---. - Side B.wma
X1. - Side A.wma
X1. - Side B.wma
X3. - Side A,.wma
X3. - Side B.wma
A. 1990.--.Feb. - Side A, Beya Cissoko, Margit C. Smith, Concert in Senegal.wma
1. A, 1985.14.Jun. - Side A, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Cissoko.wma
D. 1964.--.---. - Side A, Griots.wma
D. 1984.--.---. - Side B, Jelis.wma
E. 1997.--.---. - Side A, Djigiba cissoko and Margit Smith.wma
G1. 1991.April. - Side A, Music of Jeli Ferin Kouyate, Guinee.wma
G1. 1991.April. - Side B, Music of Jeli Ferin Kouyate, Guinee.wma
G2. 1991.30.Jan. - Side A, Repetioure of Guinee.wma
1. A, 1985.14.Jun. - Side B, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Cissoko.wma
G2. 1991.30.Jan. - Side B Repetioure or Guinee.wma
G3. 1991.April. - Side A, Kora Concert in Conakry.wma
G3. 1991.April. - Side B, Kora Concert in Conakry.wma
G4. 1991.Oct. - Side A, Mande Ensemble Repetition, Germany.wma
G4. 1991.Oct. - Side B, Mande Ensemble Repitition, Germany.wma
G5. 1991.30.Jun - Side B,.wma
G5. 1991.30.Jun. - Side A,.wma
G6. 1991.Apr. - Side A, Trio Kokoko, Guinee.wma
G6. 1991.Apr. - Side B, Music of Guinee, Jelis MCS, Yayo, Kondin, in Conakry.wma
G7. 1991. - Side A, Jeli Musa Kouyate, Sounds of Conakry - Conakry.wma
2. B 1985.18.Jun. - Side A, Sidiki Yayo and Beya Cissoko.wma
G7. 1991.Apr. - Side B, Jeli Musa Kouyate - Kondin, Conakry.wma
K1. ----.--.---. - Side A.wma
K1. ----.--.---. - Side B.wma
K2. ----.--.---. - Side A.wma
K2. ----.--.---. - Side B.wma
K3. ----.--.---. - Side A.wma
K3. ----.--.---. - Side B.wma
K4. 1999.--.Nov. - Side A, Trio Kokoko, Tubingen.wma
K4. 1999.--.Nov. - Side B, Trio Kokoko, Tubingen Cont.wma
K5. - Side A, First Anthology of Malian Jeli songs.wma
2. B 1985.18.Jun. - Side B, Sidiki Yayo and Beya Cissoko.wma
K5. - Side B, First Anthology of Malian Jeli songs.wma
K6. 1993.--.Jul. - Side A, Kinki Nanka, Paris.wma
K6. 1993.--.Jul. - Side B, Kinki Nanka.wma
K7. 1980s.--.---. - Side A, Sekou Camara, Herbie Hancock, Tokyo.wma
K7. 1980s.--.---. - Side B, Sekou Camara, Herbie Hancock.wma
K8. ----.--.---. - Side A, Talking Drum, Guinee.wma
K9. 1990.11.Oct. - Side A, Radio interview, Forum Musik SWF II, Margit Smith and maybe Sidiki Yayo.wma
K9. 1990.11.Oct. - Side B, Radio interview, Forum Musik SFW II, Margit smith and Sidiki Yayo.wma
L1. 1982.04.Jun. - Side A, Sekou Camara, Accompanyment, Balafon #5.wma
L1. 1982.04.Jun. - Side B, Sekou Camara, Acompanyment, Balafon #5.wma
3. B 1985.14.Jun. - Side A, Sidiki Yayo and Beya Cissoko.wma
L2. 1982.31.May. - Side A, Sidiki-Morceau Classique, Lesson #29-Balafon #4.wma
L2. 1982.31.May. - Side B, Sidiki-Morceau Classiques, Lesson #29-Balafon #4.wma
L3. 1982.--.---. - Side A, Sidiki, Lessons #21&24-Balafon#3.wma
L3. 1982.--.---. - Side B, Sidiki, Lessons #25&28-Balafon #3.wma
L4. 1980.38.April. - Side A, Interview of Sidiki & Roy Mitchell & Margit Smith.wma
L4. 1980.38.April. - Side B, Interview of Sidiki & Roy Mitchell & Margit Smith.wma
L5. 1981.21.Dec. - Side A, Sidiki, Lessons-Balafon #2.wma
L5. 1981.21.Dec. - Side B, Sidiki, Lesson#17&20-Balafon #2.wma
L6. 1981.09.Nov. - Side A, Sidiki with Roy Mitchell, Lessons 1&6-Balofon #1.wma
L6. 1981.09.Nov. - Side A, Sidiki with Roy Mitchell, Lessons 7&10-Balofon #1.wma
4. AandB 1985.24.Jun. - Side A, Sidiki Yayo and Beya Cissoko.wma
M1. ----.--.---. - Side A, Manding Music, Manding Ensemble, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Sissoko, Margit C. Smith.wma
M1. ----.--.---. - Side B, Manding Music, Manding Ensemble, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Sissoko, Margit C. Smith.wma
M2. 1988.Apr. - Side A, Manding Ensemble, Abidjan.wma
M2. 1988.Apr. - Side B, Manding Ensemble, Abidjan.wma
M3. 1988.Apr. - Side A, Manding Ensemble, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Sissoko, Margit C. Smith.wma
M3. 1988.Apr. - Side B, Manding Ensemble, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Sissoko, Margit C. Smith.wma
M4. 1985.18.June. - Side A, Manding Ensemble, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Cissoko, Margit C. Smith, Sekou Kouyate, Kallifa Camara, Mama Koita.wma
M4. 1985.18.June. - Side B, Manding Ensemble, Sidiki Yayo, Beya Cissoko, Margit C. Smith, Sekou Kouyate, Kallifa Camara, Mama Koita.wma
M5. 1983.05.Feb. - Side A, Manding Ensemble.wma
M5. 1983.05.Feb. - Side B, Manding Ensemble.wma
4. AandB 1985.24.Jun. - Side B, Sidiki Yayo and Beya Cissoko.wma
M6. 1984.May. - Side A, Chez Amarat Sissoko, Abidjan.wma
M6. 1984.May. - Side B, Chez Amarat Sissoko, Abidjan.wma
M7. - Side A,.wma
M7. - Side B.wma
M8. - Side A.wma
M8. - Side B.wma
R1 1981.Dec.28 - Side A, Sidiki Demo Balofon.wma
R1 1981.Dec.28. - Side B, Sidiki Yayo Demo ctd., Gouro de Bouafle danse Zamble, Zuanoula,.wma
R2 1982.28.May - Side A, Sidiki Yayo, Sekou Camara, Djiba Koumah.wma
R2 1982.28.May - Side B, Sidiki Yayo, Sekou Camara, Djiba Koumah.wma
5. 1985.24.Jun. - Side A, AandB, Sidiki Yayo and Beya Cissoko.wma
R3 1982.31.May - Side A, Last Rehearsal, Sidiki Yayo, Margit Smith, Sekou Camara.wma
R3 1982.31.May - Side B, Last rehearsal Cont'd, Sekou's Ballet.wma
R4 1984.June - Side A, Rehearsals, Margit Smith, Sekou Camara.wma
R4 1984.June - Side B, Dakar Fode Drame. Lamane Conte, Abu Donj, Diarra, Mariana Cisse.wma
R5. 1981.04.Apr. - Side A, at Margits.wma
R13 1980.28.April. - Side B, Margit Session.wma
R6 1982.May. to Sept - Side B, Mustapha Tettey Addy, Master drummer Fromm Ghana. TGD, 113, tangent Records.wma
R6 1982.May.28 to Sept. - Side A, Mande Music with Margit, Sidiki, Sekou, Djiba.wma
R7 1982.May.14. - Side A, Balophon only, Sidiki, Margit, Camara,.wma
R7 1983.Feb.16. - Side B, Chez Margit, Sidiki Boulon.wma
5. 1985.24.Jun. - Side B, AandB, Sidiki Yayo and Beya Cissoko.wma
R8 1984.May.22. - Side A, Sidiki on Kora.wma
R19 ---- Side A.wma
R9 Unknown year - Side A, Abidjan, Sidiki Diabate.wma
R9 Unknown Year - Side B, Abidjan, Sidiki Diabate.wma
R10 1984.19.May. - Side A, Cote D'Ivoir, Sidiki.wma
R10 1984.19.May. - Side B, Cote D'Ivoir Sidiki.wma
R11 1984.20.May. - Side A, Abidjan, Sekou, Sidiki, Vridi.wma
R14 1976.-.-. - Side A,.wma
R12 1989.07.Jan. - Side A, Manding Quartet, Abidjan.wma
R5. 1981.04.Apr. - Side B, Camaroon drumming Music.wma


 Mande Quartett Sound Track

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