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Addition to Jewett Hall

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In the spring of 2008, in anticipation of an addition to Jewett Hall, our 3rd year advance studio courses undertook the design of the project as part of their curriculum. As the addition was slated to house the Architecture Department of UMA, it seemed relevant to have architecture students study the site, programmatic, and design issues.
Foley-Site-mapThe Department had our students attempt this work for a variety of reasons: to engage them with a “real” project; to engage them with the UMA community they live and learn in; and because as architecture students, they have first hand knowledge of some of the needs of an architecture department’s facilities. In addition, the students were asked to focus on the sustainable aspects of design, specific to this site and project.



Thorton-modelIn the end, the goal beyond the student work was to use this investigation to broaden the possibilities of the addition. The students, unencumbered by some of the technical issues of design or practice, are readily able to think beyond the proverbial box. These thoughts and explorations were shared in the hopes they would help realize a more successful design solution.

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