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Bread of Life (BoL) Ministries is a non-profit, faith based organization located in Augusta, Maine. They serve the poorest of the poor in the community through a variety of services designed to aid people in developing self-sufficiency.  They provide five major services: Soup Kitchen, Homeless Shelter, Transitional Housing, Permanent Housing, and Case Management.  Each of these services touches the lives of the elderly, couples, families, single people, veterans, and children that are struggling to meet the basic necessities of life.  Bread of Life exists to provide a warm meal, a bed to sleep in and a place to concentrate on feeling like a family and being part of a community.

This student produced film shows our process on two projects: the renovation of an existing garage into a Childcare space; and an Office Renovation of existing BoL headquarters.  These 2 new projects also offer something special: the possibility of constructionthese design will come to reality.  Due to impending construction, budget, time and design had to work in concert to 1) best realize the client’s needs and expectations; and 2) to give the projects the best opportunity to be built.

One of the plusses in working with BoL is that UMA/ARC has worked with them in the past.  They were the first non-profit to engage with UMA on a cluster class.  That course, undertaken in the spring of 2010, resulted in the construction of a shelter and day-skills center for Maine Veterans.  Our continued relationship betters Augusta one project at a time.

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