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Gateway to Franklin Arterial

Engage Arrival

One student's take on the gatewayThe design portion of the East Bayside work focused on the Gateway to Portland and not the entirety of East Bayside.  However, the lessons taken from the neighborhood formed the intentional basis for all design work.  The specific gateway under consideration will be the Franklin Arterial intersection with Marginal Way, as one enters or exits Highway 295.  This location is a nexus of activity, bringing together autos, pedestrians, heavy traffic, a new public trail, issues of Franklin Arterial and its redevelopment, and the East Bayside community.  And while this location is not solely representative of East Bayside the work emphasizes this connection, and uses this project’s opportunities to better the East Bayside community.

One student's take on the gateway

As part of the Portland Gateway project, groups put forth a proposed program for this area.  Questions such as: What potential do certain programs and their mixture create?  Housing?  Retail?  Business?  Community spaces?  How can we see this area not only as a signature location, but also as the spur to create a better tomorrow? Issues of inhabitation, use, context, relationship to site and region, connection to family, to town, all still play a central part in determining what is “best” for this specific location.

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