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Mill Island, Lewiston

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Urban Analysis & Design for Mill Island, Lewiston, ME


In the fall of 2009 the senior thesis studio engaged the City of Lewiston, Maine in a master planning exercise.  Lewiston is in a very exciting period of growth and transition.  Students were given the opportunity to help effect change to a specific underdeveloped portion of Lewiston, an area located near downtown by the old canals once used to power the manufacturing mills.


Students worked in small groups to research, analyze, & design a master plan for this specific area of Lewiston.  Upon completion of each group’s master plan, the City selected one master plan as the “most responsive to the City of Lewiston’s issues, needs, and vision.”  This selected master plan became the basis for the Architectural work undertaken during spring thesis semester.


In the spring, each student selected an individual architectural project within the master plan.  An exciting element of this overall project was the 14 architectural projects all within this studied area of Lewiston.  The projects could not help but “speak” to each other.  The projects all were well received by Lewiston and its representatives.

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