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UMA/ARC Student Portfolios + Testimonials


To see examples of Portfolios from current UMA/ARC students, please click on these images, which will take you to the individual Portfolio websites for these recent graduates and current thesis students:




ruthannI have experienced three different universities, and the faculty at UMA/ARC is by far the most caring and dedicated I have met. They all take the time to relate to students as individuals, they are always accessible to talk to, and each fosters a supportive and creative atmosphere in class. I looked forward to every single day of classes at UMA: I knew that each day I would learn something new, or have an interesting discussion, or somehow be inspired.  I guess it’s apparent that I really loved my time in the UMA Architecture department. That experience, the things that I learned, have enhanced my life in so many ways.
Ruthann Harrison, UMA/ARC



At UMA/ARC I learned that architecture above all is a conscious behavioral interaction of environment and inhabitant that does, over time, impact how people live their lives. I now understand how to recognize the behavioral implications of defined space and the effect that architecture has on people. I honed my presentation skills as well as my ability to articulate my thoughts and ideas to others more clearly, and I emerged with a clear understanding of what I want to do with my life.
Giovanni Morabito, UMA/ARC 


jasonUMA/ARC provided an environment in which students were afforded the opportunity to foster the principles and fundamentals of architecture and design. Critical thought and evaluation were stressed from day one.  My experience at UMA included approximately one year working full-time at a firm in Portland, Maine which was largely in part to the skill set I was able to hone in my design studios. The program’s relationship with practicing professionals provided networking opportunities for students that in many cases led to job opportunities.  Architectural education provides a unique opportunity to learn from those who are doing. The involvement of practicing professionals is vital to the success of an architectural education program no matter its location.
Jason McCluskey, UMA/ARC 



One of the greatest things I learned at UMA/ARC was how to dig deeper, both in design, and into my personal abilities to self-guide my own education.  My instructors pushed me further than I would have gone on my own, and this developed into a great advantage for the continued study of architecture both in school and in practice.  Reflecting back on the designs, intentions, and guidance allows me to continue to push my architectural design in field.  It is easy to follow instruction and create something that works, but remembering the education that I received, has allowed me to teach clients throughout the design process.  This way of client interaction has allowed for more creative solutions that clients both understand and are proud of in a variety of ways.
Chris Grotton, UMA/ARC 

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