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CIS Internship Program

Since the beginning of its program, CIS has recognized the value of relevant work experience and partners with technology-based organizations to provide students with an opportunity to broaden their skills base in Information Technology (IT), cultivate mature life and workplace skills, prepare students for personal and professional challenges, and establish a network of professional contacts in the IT field.

The internship experience is a 3-credit IT elective at the associate-degree level and a required offering at the bachelor-degree level that provides the student with the opportunity to build a professional portfolio of relevant work experience.

There are many resources available to assist a student in securing an internship position:

  1. Through Project>Login, participating Maine businesses offer a list of internships available to undergraduate college students. Most of the internships are short-term (i.e. summer); some are paid while others are volunteer. If the internships are approved by the CIS program as meeting the requirements of a CIS280, CIS380, or a CIS480 internship experience, students will qualify for college credit.  Learn more about internship opportunities available through Project>Login.In 2013, participating Maine businesses offered over 93 internship positions. A number of UMA students have been selected to intern at one of the participating businesses.
  2. Currently, many UMA students have been successful in securing summer internship programs through the Margaret Chase Smith Summer Internship program, which is a collaborative effort among the Office of the Governor, the Maine Bureau of Human Resources, and the Maine State government agencies.Interns who are accepted in this full-time, paid work experience are considered temporary unclassified state employees. Given our physical closeness to the State offices, UMA CIS students are in an excellent position to apply for these competitive internship opportunities.
  3. In the last few years, the CIS program has partnered with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) for the State of Maine and with direct interaction with the Director of Workforce Development have placed several students each semester in IT-related internship positions. According to the Director, over 70% of the student interns remain with the State in full-time positions after completion of the internship experience.
  4. For nearly a decade, the CIS program has enjoyed an academic/professional relationship with Eastern Maine Development Corporation (EMDC). Under the Disadvantaged Business Enterprises Supportive Services, a program sponsored by EMDC to assist woman-owned and minority business become more competitive bidding on MDOT contracts, students have been given an opportunity to apply IT skills.Although not limited to Web design and development services, typically students have received a stipend to work with an EMDC client to establish a Web presence. Not only do students have an opportunity to apply Web design and development skills, but it also provides an opportunity to interact directly with a client.
  5. Many UMA departments sponsor an intern to work on dedicated projects that required technology skills. Listed below are a sample of the projects worked on by our interns:
Department Sponsor Project Description
Women in Curriculum Created a Web presence for the Maine Women’s Studies Consortium
Professional Studies Developed a process to submit course substitutions and waivers electronically
Professional Studies Designed and constructed a virtualization lab to provide online students a platform to complete hands-on activities
External Relations Assisted faculty with updates to UMA program pages
University College Developed online course evaluation forms
Institutional Research Automated data for the Annual Program Reports
Professional Studies Created labs for security classes
Professional Studies Redesigned the program Web pages
Institutional Research Created a Presidential Dashboard

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