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Project Login

Project Login is a statewide campaign that was created to help you learn more about exciting careers in computing and IT here in Maine and get real-world experience that will help you find a great job after you graduate.

Computing and IT careers are well paid; professionals are in high demand; and that demand is across all industries.  Whatever kind of work you are interested in, computing and IT skills will help you succeed.

Project Login has three core activities:

  1. We bring professionals to campus for networking receptions to give students a chance to learn about IT professions.
  2. We update a clearing house of paid internships to help you gain real-world experience before you graduate.  UMA faculty and staff will mentor you on your journey to a rewarding IT career.
  3. We invite students and professionals to participate in an online collaboratory so we can connect you with your future supervisors and colleagues.

So check out our Web site at Project Login and get in touch so we can help you succeed during your college career and beyond.

University of Maine at Augusta