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Preparing For Your Music Career

The array of music careers is considerable, especially when ancillary opportunities such as music therapy or music brand development are included. Perhaps your desire is to perform regionally or nationally, become a studio session player, or compose popular tunes or symphonic works. Or maybe teaching music courses in elementary, high school or college level institutions is your direction. And of course, there is the exciting world of music technology, with creative opportunities in recording, mastering, live sound, MIDI, broadcast media or soundtrack production.

And for those with business interests, then band and concert tour management, music and copyright law, promotion and marketing or even music instrument retail may be your career focus.

Whatever your direction, UMA’s music program has you covered with a thorough and professional preparation for your future. Whether your choice is to live in Maine or venture out to major music centers across the U.S., your UMA degree will give you the credibility for opening the best doors and instilling the confidence to succeed.

Students – still not sure what a degree in music prepares you for? Parents – wondering how a music degree translates to employment stability? For a comprehensive listing of music careers, categorized by industry, download here.

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