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Early Childhood Education (B-5)

Early Childhood Education

Endorsement 081: Early Childhood Teacher (Birth -5)

Prerequisite: PSY 100

  • EDU/HUS 160 Perspectives on Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children
  • EDU/HUS 261 Early Childhood Curriculum: Early Learning Environments
  • EDU/HUS 327 Mathematics for the Young Child
  • EDU/HUS 329 Science and the Project Approach for the Young Child
  • EDU/HUS 352 Interventions for Families with Children
  • EDU/HUS 363 Young Children with Special Needs
  • EDU/HUS/PSY 362 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
  • EDU/ENG 366 Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • PSY 302 Psychology of Childhood
  • One of the following:
    • EDU/HUS 325 Social Studies and the Project Approach
    • EDU/HUS 328 Creative Development and Art for Young Children

 Additional requirements:

  • Complete Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators.  Qualifying scores – Reading: 156; Writing: 162; Mathematics: 150. Applicants must achieve a composite score of 468 on the three sections of the Core Academic Skills for Educators with no single score on any section being more than three points lower than the required score of 468.  (PRAXIS I scores will be accepted until 8.31.2018)

Checksheet for minor MEarlyChildhoodEducationB-5

Checksheet for certificate of study CEarlyChildhoodTeacherB-5

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