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Early Elementary Education (K-3)

Endorsement 029: Early Elementary Teacher (K-3)

Required courses:

  • EDU 250 Foundations of Education
  • EDU/HUS/PSY 362 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood
  • EDU/ENG 366 Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • EDU/HUS 327 Mathematics for the Young Child
  • EDU/HUS 329 Science and the Project Approach for the Young Child
  • EDU/HUS 325 Social Studies and the Project Approach for the Young Child
  • EDU 387 Teaching the Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom
  • Choose two of the following:
    • EDU/HUS 160 Introduction to Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children
    • EDU/HUS 261 Early Childhood Curriclum: Early Learning Environment
    • EDU/HUS 352 Interventions for Children and Families
    • EDU/HUS 328 Creative Development and Art for Young Children
  • EDU 492 Student Teaching Early Elementary Education  (12 credits)

Additional Requirements:

  • Six credits each in liberal arts English, science, social studies, and mathematics
  • Complete MDOE fingerprinting and criminal check requirement
  • Praxis Core passed before applying to student teach. Reading: test code 5712, score requirement 156. Writing: test code 5722, score requirement 162. Writing: test code 5732, score requirement: 150

(Note: To take all three together, register for the Combined Test: test code: 5751. Applicants can also achieve a composite score of 468 in the three sections with no single score being lower than three points lower than the required scores.)

  • Praxis II passed before applying to student teach: test code: 5024, score requirement 160
  • Application to student teach submitted the semester before you wish to student teach  (October 1, March 1). Contact Cindy Dean,,  for application.
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching assessment must be passed before applying for certification. Test code: 5621, score requirement 157
  • Application for certification can be obtained at the MDOE certification website.
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