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Minor in Secondary Education

UMA Minor in Secondary Education

UMA offers a minor in Secondary Education that provides the education courses and a student teaching internship required by the Maine Department of Education. Content areas available at UMA are English, social studies, mathematics, life science, physical science, art (K-12), or health (K-12).


  • Enroll in degree program associated with content area: English, Biology (Life and/or Physical Science), Social Science (Social Studies). Art students should consult their content advisors for the appropriate pathway for Art Education. Those students wishing to pursue mathematics certification can enroll in a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies or an Interdisciplinary degree program. NOTE: Endorsements in most disciplines could also be fulfilled through a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies or a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies.
  • Declare a minor in Secondary Education.

Minor Requirements (27 credit hours):

Recommended Sequence:

  • EDU 250 Foundations of Education (3)
  • EDU 380 Digital Literacy and Technology in Schools (3)
  • EDU 387 Teaching the Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom
  • EDU 390 Secondary Methods of Teaching (3)
  • Complete one of the following courses (3):
    • EDU 210 Dimensions of Literacy
    • EDU 366 Children’s and Young Adult Literature
    • EDU 300 Teacher as Researcher
    • EDU 331 Sociology of Education
    • EDU 401 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 490 Internship in Student Teaching (12) application required for enrollment
Additional Certification Requirements:


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