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Secondary Education Certificate of Study

Certificate of Study in Secondary Education

This certificate of study is designed for those who possess a baccalaureate degree and wish to become certified to teach.

Recommended Sequence:

  • EDU 250 Foundations of Education (3)
  • EDU 380 Digital Literacy and Technology in Schools (3)
  • EDU 387 Teaching the Exceptional Child in the Regular Classroom
  • EDU 390 Secondary Methods of Teaching (3)
  • Complete two of the following courses (3):
    • EDU 210 Dimensions of Literacy
    • EDU 366 Children’s and Young Adult Literature
    • EDU 300 Teacher as Researcher
    • EDU 331 Sociology of Education
    • EDU 401 Educational Psychology
  • EDU 490 Internship in Student Teaching (12) application required for enrollment
Additional Certification Requirements:
  • At least 24 credit hours in the content area in which certification is being sought. Completed before EDU 390.
  • A Baccalaureate Degree from a Regionally Accredited Institution
  • CHRC (Criminal History Records Check) – completed prior to enrolling in EDU 390
  • Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators – must be passed prior to enrolling in EDU 390
  • PRAXIS II must be passed prior to applying for EDU 490
  • Principles of Learning and Teaching Assessment (PLT) – scheduled prior to or during EDU 490. Must be passed for certification.

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