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Institutional Review Board Procedure

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Human Subjects* Research and Protection Procedures

*Human Subject: means a living individual about whom an investigator (whether professional or student) conducting research obtains (1) data through intervention or interaction with the individual, or (2) identifiable private information.

All applicants planning research at UMA who qualify under the definition of “Human Subject” above must complete the required Human Subjects Research Form (2014).   All documents and materials are also available from the UMA Provost’s Office: 207.621.3106.

If you are doing Original Research you must:

  • Include the required Human Subjects Research Form (2014), which must be complete and signed by the Advisor for all student applications.
  • Complete and include the Consent Form to be used and the IRB Approval Checklist. For students, the Consent Form Checklist must be completed and signed by the Advisor.
  • If a Sponsoring Agency is involved, include a copy of the proposal (body of the proposal and the budget) that was submitted for funding.
  • For students, include a letter from the Advisor indicating that the project, research, or thesis proposal has been approved.

Completed copies of research applications should be sent to the Chair of the IRB, Ken Elliott, at, and cc’d to the Provost’s office at

If there are missing components, concerns or recommended revisions, the IRB will return the material to the principal researcher and advisor.
Once approved, the IRB will forward the forms to the Provost who will review the final version and sign as the President’s designee.
The Provost’s Office will notify applicant of approval or disapproval.  If needed, the consent form(s) will be returned to the Principal Investigator with an IRB approval stamp which will indicate approval/expiration dates.

Only consent documents which bear a valid IRB approval can be used for enrollment of research subjects.

Copies of all approved forms will be kept in the Provost’s Office.

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