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*Check out the tutor-curated playlist, “Music to Write to” here!

Amy is a sophomore at UMA and is thrilled to be a writing tutor this semester (and hopefully for many more semesters to come).  Her motto is “Be yourself” and she believes that getting meaningful words on paper is a great way to truly express one’s self.  When she is not in the Writing Center, she can probably be found in Middle-Earth…or Maycomb County…or Colonial America…or Narnia…

Becky is in her third year as an English major at UMA.  This is her first year working as a tutor.  Her favorite aspect of the Writing Center is getting to meet other students and help them tap into their inner-writer. She enjoys reading across genres, writing fiction, meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Charlotte is an English Major in her senior year. She has a strong background in creative writing and literary essays. Being creative is her passion, whether she is writing, drawing, knitting, sewing, embroidering, or baking. She also enjoys spending hours and hours reading her favorite books, especially the work of Jane Austen. Charlotte is looking forward to this year as a writing tutor!

Courtney is in her final year as an English major. She hopes to work behind the scenes at a news station. This is her first year in the Writing Center working as a tutor and social media point person. She enjoys helping students brainstorm and organize their papers. Her favorite genres to read are historical fiction and war literature. When she is not reading or working she spends her days cuddling and walking her eight year old beagle, Brandi.

Rachel is in her final year at UMA where she is obtaining her degree in English. She enjoys all stages of the writing process, but especially excels in technical, business and analytical writing. Although this is her first semester working in the UMA writing center, she is not new to being a writing center tutor. When Rachel is not working, she enjoys her down time playing in her garden, bobbing around on her boat, or sipping coffee while watching her chickens peck.

Rebekah is a Liberal Studies major with a minor in business. She has been working in the Writing Center since the late spring of 2016, and is looking forward to the next two semesters. She and her husband live in Whitefield with their pets: cats Jack, Sparrow, and the newest kitten (the black) Pearl, as well as their pug puppy Frank aka “Frank the Tank.” Rebekah loves hunting, but only of the Pokémon variety. Other hobbies include playing Magic the Gathering, Netflix marathons, and reading. 

Interested in becoming a writing tutor?  

Being a writing tutor is a fantastic way to become engaged in the campus experience, help others, and strengthen your own writing abilities. Tutors gain widely applicable experience in interpersonal communication, writing instruction, and scholarship. Enroll in ENG 315: Mentoring Writers or contact Elizabeth Powers, Writing Center Coordinator to join our community of super tutors.

Three tutors at conference.

Writing Center tutors attending national peer tutoring conference, 2015.

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