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Student Development Division

Our goal is to assist UMA students as they explore and develop  their potential.  We collaborate with faculty and other members of the University community to create a supportive learning environment, advocate for students, and provide the services and opportunities that facilitate:  a successful transition into college; an understanding of student rights, responsibilities, and privileges; intellectual and personal growth; the application of acquired knowledge to career development, personal effectiveness, and civic responsibilities; and, an appreciation for learning as a lifelong process.

Who Does What and Where

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The Division of Student Development fulfills its mission through these services and programs:

If you aspire to get the most from your educational experience or you face specific challenges to your success at UMA, we may be able to assist by providing the resources, information, and support needed. Attending college is both a challenging and rewarding journey. You don’t need to go it alone.

Sheri C. Fraser
Dean of Students

University of Maine at Augusta