Text-To-Speech Software

There are a number of software programs available which can be used to convert text on the computer screen into speech, thus allowing the user to listen to print information.  Examples include:

  • TextAloud
  • ReadPlease
  • NaturalReader Alive
  • Read & Write Gold
  • Narrator (included with Windows XP)
  • Universal Reader, PDF Equalizer both from Premier Assistive Technology

Cost varies, and several of the programs have a basic version that is free which can be downloaded from the Internet.

Some of the programs provide the option to purchase additional voices with varying qualities of voice and natural sound.  The following website offers demos of numerous voices from several different companies: http://nextup.com/TextAloud/SpeechEngine/voices.html

A free version of ReadPlease available to download from the Internet provides a good example of text-to-speech technology.