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For purposes of calculating tuition adjustments, dropping courses is defined as a reduction in course load while remaining enrolled in the University (the student drops one or more courses, but not all courses).

Withdrawal is defined as students who give official communication to Enrollment Services of their withdrawal to the University after a semester/session begins.  (The student is withdrawing from ALL classes and is leaving the University.)

** For determining the Length of Class, it is defined as beginning with the start date posted for the individual class and ending on the stop date posted for the class.  Changes in scheduled classes (beginning or ending) by the instructor are not considered when calculating adjustments to charges.

For classes 12 weeks or longer, students have 14 days from the starting date of the class to drop or withdraw and receive a full reversal of tuition and fee charges.

No adjustments are generated and all charges remain due for courses dropped beyond the add/drop period. Should a student withdraw entirely, adjustments to charges are as follows:

Tuition & Fee
Classes 12 Weeks or Longer Prior To Reduction
Prior to the end of the second week 14 days 100%
Prior to the end of the fourth week 28 days 75%
Prior to the end of the sixth week 42 days 50%
Prior to the end of the eighth week 56 days 25%
After the eighth week 57 days 0%
Classes 11 Weeks or Less  Prior To Reduction
11 weeks in length:  11 days 100%
10 weeks in length:  10 days 100%
9 weeks in length:  9 days 100%
8 weeks in length:  8 days 100%
7 weeks in length:  7 days 100%
6 weeks in length:  6 days 100%
5 weeks in length:  5 days 100%
4 weeks in length:  4 days 100%
3 weeks in length:  3 days 100%
2 weeks in length:  2 days 100%
1 weeks in length:  1 day 100%


*** No additional adjustments to tuition and fees are authorized on classes 11 weeks or less when the withdrawal occurs after the schedule listed above.***

For classes less than 11 weeks, refunds for drops or withdrawals are calculated as follows:

Tuition & Fee
Classes Less than 11 Weeks Reduction
Withdrawal/Drop through 1stday of classes 100%
Withdrawal after 1stday and until 30% of term has expired 50%
Withdrawal after 30% and until 60% of term has expired 25%
Withdrawal after 60% of term has expired 0%


IMPORTANT FACT: In accordance with Federal regulations, financial assistance may be adjusted for aid recipients that reduce credit hours, withdraw during the semester, or do not academically complete the semester. A portion of his or her financial aid will be refunded to the Title IV programs as required by the U.S. Department of Education. Such financial aid calculations due to changes in enrolled credit hours from credit hours used in the calculation of aid award may result in the student owing a balance to the University.