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Helpful Hints

Meet Deadlines!  Maximize your eligibility for aid.  Financial Aid is a time-sensitive process and applicants that meet UMA’s March 1st deadline can find that they are eligible for more aid dollars from a variety of programs.

Keep copies of all information submitted.   Establish a Financial Aid file.

Identify All Correspondence: Use the students name and student ID number on all items submitted to the UMA Financial Aid Office.

Credit hours changes must be reported promptly to the UMA Financial Aid Office as awards are based on the credit hour range listed with the award.   Failure to notify the Financial Aid Office in a timely manner, generally a minimum of 3 weeks before classes begin, will delay the disbursement of aid funds to your student billing account and any refund of an overpayment of financial aid.  The university may additionally charge you Late Payment Fee(s) if insufficient funds have not been paid to your tuition account by the payment due date published for each semester.

Credit hour ranges
Full-time: 12+ credits per semester
¾ time: 9 to 11 credits per semester
Half-time: 6 to 8 credits per semester
Less than ½ time: 1 to 5 credits per semester

Check your aid status 24 hour a day, 7 days a week on the MaineStreet student portal.

Complete and pass all classes.  If you experience difficulty with your classes talk to your instructors.  Consider tutoring services. If you need to stop attending you must contact the UMA Information Center at 1-877-862-1234 to withdraw.  Your instructor will not do this for you.   Do not stop attending without taking formal action with the Registrar’s Office.

Report all sources of assistance immediately:  Students are legally obligated to immediately report all outside aid including all scholarships, tuition waivers, employer tuition reimbursements and assistance of any kind from a Federal, State, or private organization foundation must be reported including, but not limited to: ASPIRE/PAS, Vocational Rehabilitation,  and TRA/Career Center.   Failure to report any form of outside educational assistance may result in an adjustment to awards after previously approved funds have been received by the student.

Taxability of Financial Aid:  Qualified grants, scholarships, assistantships and fellowships received by degree candidates are taxable income unless the amounts are used to pay for: tuition and fees, books, supplies and equipment required for courses at the school.  Amounts used for room and board and other expenses do not qualify for the exclusion from taxation.  Loans are not taxable. Federal Work Study is taxable income.

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