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Repaying Your Aid

Grants and Scholarships: Generally, grants and scholarships do not need to be repaid as long as you satisfactorily complete the semester for which the aid was awarded.

Work-Study: Work-Study is taxable income earned from work and does not need to be repaid under normal circumstances.

Loans: All loans must be repaid to your lender according to the terms of your loan disclosure. UMA is not your lender. Contact your lender immediately upon dropping below ½ time, leaving school and/or graduation. When you begin repayment remain in contact with your loan servicer assigned by the Department of Education especially if you are having difficulties with your payments.

Registration Adjustments: Students that receive aid based upon a higher amount of credits and drop some but not all credits during a 100% adjustment period must immediately repay the excess funds received.

Leaving Without Formal Notice: Students that register for classes and do not receive any passing grade during a semester may have their previously approved financial aid recalculated. A zero Grade Point Average (GPA) includes but is not limited to grades of: “F”, “I”, “L”, “NG”, “MG” and “DG”. Previously approved aid funds must be returned to the U.S. Department of Education. The student will owe funds to UMA. Refer to: “Withdrawing and Its Affect on Your Financial Aid” in the “Important Terms” section.

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