AME 201W Introduction to American Studies

Students will examine a variety of works in literature, history, cultural criticism, social and political theory, music, the visual arts, and other fields with an eye toward comprehending how Americans of different backgrounds have understood and argued about the meaning and significance of U.S. national identity.  The course invites students to consider new ways of interpreting a multifaceted culture through a global lens and to investigate competing perspectives regarding experiences in and about "America."  Prerequisites: ENG 102w or POI   3Cr


25771 Hentges 3 *This class is a video stream of the compressed video class.


AME 303 Hip Hop: Art, Culture, and Politics         

Hip Hop is an umbrella term for art, music, dance, literature, identity, style and  politics. We will begin to understand the art, culture, and politics of Hip Hop by  looking at the movements and politics that inspired the birth of Hip Hop as a form of art and music. We will consider the art and aesthetics of Hip Hop and the musical styles that made Hip Hop music possible. Students will create a piece of art or music inspired by Hip Hop. The ways in which Hip Hop speaks to youth and speaks about oppression, violence, identity, culture, and power will also be considered. We will then explore Hip Hop as a form of cultural politics and activism toward social justice. Students will create art or music toward Hip Hop inspired social justice. Finally, we'll consider the possibilities of a Hip Hop future. 3 credits.  Prerequisite: AME 201W OR MUS XXX OR ENG 102 OR permission of instructor.(cross listed with MUS 303)

25042 Hentges 3