ARC 101, Intro to Architectural Graphics and Design Communication (4 credits)

Course Description  This course introduces the fundamentals of architectural drawing and model making. Assignments enhance student’s ability to observe, analyze, understand and represent architectural forms and spaces.

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Understand how to think and draw analytically
  • Understand how to communicate with architectural line and tone
  • Understand the tools and processes of architectural drawing and model making
  • Understand how to observe and measure architectural forms and spaces
  • Understand how to communicate with freehand architectural sketches

Topical Outline 

10% Graphic Composition
10% Freehand Architectural Sketching
10% Architectural Survey Work
20% Basic Orthographic Drawing
15% Axonometric
15% Shadow Constructions 15%
20% Construction of one and two-point perspectives


ENG 005, REA 008, MAT 009, Co-requisite: ART 115

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Architectural Graphics, Ching
Instructor developed Praxis


Fall Semester, annually

Faculty assigned 

Amy Hinkley
Denis Lemieux
Michael Belleau
Morris Hancock