ARC 102, Architectural Design I  (4 credits)

Course Description

In ARC 102 students are asked to understand project limitations and issues, create design solutions in response, and visually represent those solutions.

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Understand the concept of limitations and issues
  • Understand the idea of reciprocity between space and form
  • Use the tools and processes of architectural drawing and model making to represent architectural ideas
  • Understand how to transform a conceptual idea into an architectural space


Topical Outline 

25% Limitations and Issues
25% Reciprocity in Space and Form
25% Conceptual Design Response
25% Transformation of a Conceptual Response into Architectural Space


ARC 101, Introduction to Architectural Graphics and Design Communication

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Form, Space, and Order, Ching 
Instructor Developed Praxis


Spring Semester, annually

Faculty assigned

Amy Hinkley, Adjunct Professor of Architecture
Denis Lemieux, Adjunct Professor of Architecture
Michael Belleau, Adjunct Professor of Architecture