ARC 221, Concepts of Structures I (3 credits)

Course Description 

Structures I offers an introduction to the study, analysis, and mathematical solutions to architectural structures and the forces of compression and tension acting upon them.

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Understand compression, tension, shear, flexure and torsion, along with typical structural materials including timber, masonry, steel and reinforced concrete.
  • Understand concurrent and coplanar forces
  • Understand non-concurrent forces
  • Understand concept of center of gravity and relationship of centroid of areas
  • Understand structural framing for floors and roofs with regards to wood, steel, and reinforced concrete construction. 
  • Understand nomenclature of trussed structures and typical types
  • Understand elastic theory
  • Understand and demonstrate solutions for shear and bending moment
  • Understand and demonstrate ability to perform structural analysis for frames, cables, and arches

Topical Outline 

15% Non-Concurrent Forces
10% Structural Framing
15% Trussed Structures
10% Introduction to Frames, Cables, and Arches
10% Center of Gravity
15% Introduction to Elastic Theory
10% Shear and Bending Moment
15% Precedent Structures, Concurrent and Coplanar Forces


MAT 112, College Algebra
PHY 115, General Physics I and Lab

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Structural Principles, I. Engel
Fundamentals of Structural Analysis, Third Edition
, Leet, Uang, Gilbert
Manual of Steel Construction – Allowable Stress Design: AISC 9th Edition
ASD Manual of Steel Construction: AISC 13th Edition                         


Spring Semesters, annually

Faculty assigned 

Robert J. Sherman, AIA, Assistant Professor of Architecture