ARC 231 – Architectural Materials and Methods (3 credits)

Course Description

A survey course of common building materials and how they are used, with an emphasis on a material’s contribution to design

Course Goals and Objectives

Acquaint the student with the importance of material selection in architecture. Includes performance related to:

  • Codes
  • Economy
  • Sustainability
  • Strength
  • Design


Topical Outline 

7.5% Site work and Foundations
7.5% Wood light frame
7.5% Heavy timber
7.5% Interior and Exterior Finishes for wood construction
7.5% Steel
7.5% Masonry
7.5% Roofing
7.5% Site cast Concrete
7.5% Precast Concrete
7.5% Complete construction of a large urban building
7.5% Commercial Interiors
7.5% Unusual applications of materials
7.5% Glass


1 semester of second-year design studio

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Architectural Materials and Methods. Allen and Iano, 5th Ed.


Spring semester, annually

Faculty assigned 

Morris C. Hancock AIA, Adjunct Professor of Architecture