ARC 261, Computer Aided Design (3 credits)

Course Description 

This Course is an introduction to AutoCAD software to produce Architectural and Architecturally related drawings.



ARC 102 


Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Introduction to CAD – industry Formats and procedures
  • Introduction to Google Sketch-Up, its command structure and use
  • To create and present projects created in the virtual world - expressing sketches, drawings, iterations, concepts and ultimately conceptual models similar to projects developed in ARC 203


Topical Outline (include percentage of time in course spent in each subject area)

20% Document title sheet
20% Site Design
20% Building Design
13% Wall Sections
13% Site design  - Introduction to Google Sketch Up
13% Building design – introduction to Google Sketch Up



Prerequisite: ARC 102 

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Illustrated AutoCAD® 2011,Quick Reference, 1st Edition, Ralph Grabowski
Harnessing AutoCAD 2011
, 1st Edition, G.V. Krishnan Thomas Stellman


Offered (semester and year)

Fall semester, annually


Faculty assigned

Daniel C Moreno, Adjunct Professor of Architecture