ARC 306, Architectural Design V (4 credits)                 

Course Description 

A continuation of ARC 305 with more emphasis on conceptual design with increased social content

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Gain a more independent responsible approach to design work.
  • Better understand site analysis and its potential impact on design.
  • Understand program analysis and its potential impact on design.
  • Understand the necessity of pre-design work as a foundation for further design exploration.
  • Understand the use of concept creating a design intention, and the representation of concept in model and drawing.
  • Understand the relationship of structure to design.
  • Understand the importance of community, and its insertion into the urban fabric.


Topical Outline 

50% Schematic Design
20% Site research and analysis
20% Visual communication and presentation
10% Use of diagram


ARC 305, Architectural Design IV                                  
ARC 332, Structures II

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Varies depending on project types assigned


Spring semester, annually

Faculty assigned 

Eric Stark, Associate Professor of Architecture