ARC 322, Concepts of Structures II  (3 credits)

Course Description 

This course expands upon the analysis of architectural structures through exploration of design of structural components including:  wood, composite materials, reinforced concrete and steel members. 

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Understand shearing unit stress analysis and connectors
  • Understand criteria and demonstrate design of wood beams
  • Understand concept of working stress and Internal Couple method of analysis
  • Understand composite sections and steel beam design
  • Understand and demonstrate ultimate strength design method for concrete
  • Understand concept of deflection of symmetrically and asymmetrically loaded structural members
  • Understand concept of structural continuity and methods of analysis
  • Understand concept of columns versus beams
  • Understand effect of end conditions on bending


Topical Outline 

10% Review of Structures I
10% Frames, cables and arches
15% Shearing Unit Stress and Bending Stress
10% Design of Wood Beams
5% Combined Materials
15% Reinforced Concrete Working Stress & Ultimate Strength Design
5% Deflection of Structural Members
5% Structural Continuity
10% Design of Columns
5% Combined Stress and Prestressing
10% Composite Sections and Steel Beams


MAT 112, College Algebra
PHY 115, General Physics I and Lab
ARC 221, Concepts of Structures I

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Structural Principles; I. Engel
Fundamentals of Structural Analysis,
Third Edition; Leet, Uang, Gilbert
Manual of Steel Construction – Allowable Stress Design: 
AISC 9th Edition
ASD Manual of Steel Construction
; AISC 13th Edition


Fall Semester, annually

Faculty assigned 

Robert J. Sherman, AIA, Assistant Professor of Architecture