ARC 251, Sustainable Design Concepts  (3 credits)

Course Description 

Introduction to sustainable design concepts and inter-relationships of built and natural environments. Course includes LEED green building standards, indoor air quality, and mechanical systems.


Course Goals and Objectives

  • How to approach sustainable opportunities to provide an appropriate solution
  • The importance of indoor air quality regarding health and the environment
  • The critical importance of energy consumption and opportunities to provide savings through heat loss analysis and selection of building materials systems
  • Energy source alternatives and associated advantages and disadvantages
  • Value of incorporating green design issues from very start of project
  • The importance of proper materials choices and the effect on the environment
  • Understanding the relationship between green design and architectural goals
  • Definition and goals set by USGBC LEED design standards


Topical Outline 

5% Introduction to Sustainable Design
5% Sustainable Process Guidance
10% Sustainable Sites
10%Water Efficiency
10% Energy & Atmosphere
10% Term Project & Site Visits
10% Materials & Resources
10% Indoor Environmental Quality
10% Innovation in Design
10%Considerations by Building Type
10% Case Studies



PHY 115 General Physics & Lab, Junior Standing


Textbooks/Learning Resources

The HOK Guidebook to Sustainable Design, Mendler, Odell, Lazarus
New Construction & Major Renovation Reference Guide, U.S. Green Building Council LEED



Spring Semester, annually


Faculty assigned

To be determined