ARC 406, Architectural Apprenticeship (3 credits)

Course Description 

Apprenticeship emphasis to provide student with firsthand experience concerning the workings of a professional office and exposure to professional practice in an architectural design career

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Enhance interpersonal and professional skills necessary for intern roles
  • Carry out internship responsibilities in a productive, effective, and positive manner while insuring a positive internship experience
  • Apply academic preparation and practical skills in actual work settings
  • Aid in transition from student role to that of an independently functioning employee
  • Facilitate students’ increased understanding of themselves in the field of professional architecture and the skills necessary in self-promotion
  • Presentation of apprenticeship experience through supervisor and intern evaluations, daily logs, journals, summary report, photographic documentation, sketches, models, drawings, handouts


Topical Outline 

10% Develop Base Resume and Portfolio for apprenticeship search
20% Finding, applying for, and securing the internship
10% envelop registration documents and outline of apprenticeship experience
40% Apprenticeship experience minimum of 100 hours
20% Documentation of Apprenticeship:  Daily Log, Reflective Journal, Exit Response Paper, Student & Host Evaluation Forms, Visual Examples including drawings, models, photographs and site visits


ARC 204, Architectural Design III

Textbooks/Learning Resources:

Portfolio Design, 3rd Ed., Linton
Becoming an Architect:  A Guide to Careers in Design
, Waldrep
Books and handouts on reserve


Fall and spring, annually

Faculty assigned 

Robert J. Sherman, AIA, Assistant Professor of Architecture