ARC 408, (previously ARC 430) Architectural Design VII (4 credits)

Course Description 

A continuation of the design studio process with an emphasis on community-based projects and client integration; focus will be on affect of architecture on the social environment

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Continued independent responsible approach to design work
  • Understand site analysis and its potential impact on design
  • Understand program analysis and its potential impact on design
  • Understand the relationship of structure to design
  • Understand mechanical systems and relationship to design
  • Understand the importance of community, and architecture’s responsibility to assist in the betterment of the community

Topical Outline 

50% Schematic Design
10% Site research and analysis
20% Visual communication and presentation
20% Community based research and analysis


ARC 407, Architectural Design VI

Textbooks/Learning Resources

To be determined


Spring semester, annually

Faculty assigned

To be determined