ARC 441, Foreign Travel Experience, (3 credits)

Course Description

This course is an extended educational travel experience for students to visit meaningful works-of-architecture from outside the United States.  Coursework includes history and exposure/study of other cultures.


Course Goals and Objectives 

  • To broaden the students’ knowledge and understanding of architectural principles by first-hand experience of meaningful buildings (historic and modern) in other countries/cultures that form the basis of modern architectural expression
  • To embrace architecture as a continuum of response to social forces
  • To develop skills in free-hand drawing, and photography and spatial awareness
  • To develop writing skills in descriptions of meaningful spaces and different cultures
  • To discover the larger world and some of what it can offer
  • To serve as “ambassadors” of our school and society to other societies

Topical Outline 

25% History and Culture
25% Architectural precedents, landmarks
25% Design – photography, drawing, diagramming
25% Travel writing about experiences, journaling


ART 115, Drawing 1
ARC 306, Architectural Design V

Textbooks/Learning Resources

To be determined depending on country and program


Summer semester, annually

Faculty assigned 

To be determined