ARC 421, Professional Practice, (3 credits)

Course Description 

Students will study various roles and responsibilities of an architectural practice.  The course will expose students to the process and management of a project and project delivery.

Course Goals and Objectives

  • To expose students to various elements of architectural practice
  • To expose students to consultants who regularly work with architects
  • Explore firm types and structures, and common issues with each
  • Discuss office and project management
  • Discuss IDP, the ARE, and professional licensure
  • Discuss personal goals and the exploration/finding of one’s path in architectural practice

Topical Outline 

20% Architectural practice, firms, structure
20% Consultants and collaboration
20% Firm and Project management
15% Path to licensure
5% Personal goals and path


ARC 306, Architectural Design V

Textbooks/Learning Resources

The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, Demkin
Guest lectures and readings as required


Spring semester, annually

Faculty assigned 

To be determined