ARC 510, Architectural Design IX, Thesis (8 credits)

Course Description 

Students will engage in a semester-long thesis project in which the student will explore, design, and present in depth their design project chosen in previous semester.   

Course Goals and Objectives 

  • Evidence of a student’s ability to conduct independent research
  • Demonstration of essential design concepts including: Space, Scale, Light, Structure, HVAC, Materials, Construction, and Design with Intention
  • Develop and understand the creation of an architectural problem, and the search and representation of its solution
  • Successfully argue for the students’ respective design intention as it is realized in the final design project
  • Understand how a design argument is made, and make it clearly, concisely, to the chosen intention

Topical Outline

100% Students develop and design a comprehensive architectural solution in response to the issues/project developed in the previous semester


ARC 509, Architectural Design VIII, Pre-Thesis

Textbooks/Learning Resources

Varies, depending on student research topic


Spring semester, annually

Faculty assigned 

Eric Stark, Associate Professor of Architecture
Amy Hinkley, Adjunct Professor of Architecture
Various faculty members serve as primary advisers to individual students/projects