BArch HIST_RogerA Steady Evolution

History and Founding Principles 

The Bachelor of Architecture degree is built upon a solid foundation of UMA Architectural education.  Over 25 years ago, Professor Roger Richmond envisioned the architecture program as a two year-plus associate’s degree. At the time he saw a profound need to educate the Maine student in ways of meaningful humanistic design. In UMA, Professor Richmond found a good match for the goals and aims of the architecture curriculum.

The AA grew to a 4-year Bachelor of Arts degree in 2001. With this growth came the opportunity to review and refocus our overall curriculum. While maintaining high quality core values of Space, Scale, and Light, and the necessity to Design with Intention, we  recommitted ourselves to the more advanced tools and language of architecture. Our goal has always been to best prepare our graduates for further study, professional practice, or immediate employment, and to graduate with an awareness of the importance of architecture in the development of society, and architecture’s power to affect the quality of individual lives.

Today these core ideals are the foundation of Maine’s only professional architecture degree.  Our program is based on three meaningfully unique parts: Community, Collaboration, and Design.  We are seeking committed, creative students to join us in engaging the communities of Maine and beyond.