ARC 101 Introduction to Architectural Graphics and Design Communication

The emphasis of this course is the development of traditional graphic equipment usage and presentation skills necessary to communicate future architectural designs. Course work will cover 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional graphic construction and presentation techniques including isometrics, obliques, 1- and 2-point perspectives, shades and shadows, and an introduction to model making. Graphic presentation techniques will include pencil and ink line variation and expression, tone, pencil and ink wash. Prerequisite: ENG 005, REA 008 and MAT 009, Corequisite: ART 115

12137 Introduction to Architectural Graphics and Design Com - MTH, 01:00PM-04:00PM, Hinkley 4
12138 Introduction to Architectural Graphics and Design Com - MTH, 01:00PM-04:00PM, Curtis 4
12139 Introduction to Architectural Graphics and Design Com - MTH, 04:00PM-07:00PM, Staff 4


ARC 111 History of Art And Architecture I

(This course is cross listed with ARH 105.) Techniques and trends in architecture, sculpture, and painting as related to the history of art from prehistoric times through the Gothic period. Lectures, text, slides, and discussion. Possible museum trip.

13377 History of Art And Architecture I - F 09:00AM-11:45AM, Stoddard 3
(ITV Broadcast Class) 09521 History of Art And Architecture I - TH 01:00PM-03:45PM, Stoddard 3

(ITV Receive Class) 09522 History of Art And Architecture I - TH 01:00PM-03:45PM, Stoddar 3

13323 History of Art And Architecture I - T 04:00PM-06:45PM, Stoddard 3

13330 History of Art And Architecture I - W 09:00AM-11:45AM, Farmer 3

(ITV Receive Class - Delayed Viewing, Permission Needed) History of Art And Architecture I - TH 01:00PM-03:45PM, Stoddard

09523 Bath/Brunswick
09812 Bethel
09780 Bucksport
09781 Caribou - Delayed Viewing
09782 Deer Isle
09784 East Millinocket
09785 East Sullivan
09783 Ellsworth/Hancock
09797 Farmington
09801 Fort Kent
09787 Greenville
09788 Houlton
09786 Hutchinson Center
09808 Island Falls - Delayed Viewing
09789 Jackman - Delayed Viewing
09811 Jay - Spruce Mountain Adult Ed
09791 Kingfield - Delayed Viewing
09792 Lewiston-Auburn
09795 Lincoln
09793 Lisbon Falls - Delayed Viewing
09813 Machias
09796 Mount Desert
09800 Newport
09799 North Haven - Delayed Viewing
09803 Presque Isle
09804 Rangeley - Delayed Viewing
09805 Rockland
09806 Rumford/Mexico
09794 S Berwick - Delayed Viewing
09807 Saco/Biddeford
09809 Sanford
09790 Sherman Station
09810 Skowhegan
09817 South Paris
09798 Thorndike - Delayed Viewing
09814 Van Buren - Delayed Viewing
09815 Vinalhaven - Delayed Viewing
09816 Wiscasset


ARC 203 Architectural Design II

The basic architectural design components of space, scale, and light will be covered through hypothetical exercises stressing each of these design elements in turn. The student will discover 3-dimensional solid/void relationships, the infinite potential of spatial expression, the connection of the designed environment to the occupant, and the power of light as an emotive force in design and structure. The curriculum introduces the design and use of architectural structure as support and space definer. Prerequisite: ARC 102 and ART 115

12141 Architectural Design II - MTH 09:00AM-12:00PM, Elizabeth 4
12143 Architectural Design II - MTH 09:00AM-12:00PM, Needham-Curtis 4


ARC 261 Computer Aided Design (CAD)

This course is an introduction to AutoCAD (computer-aided design/drafting) software to produce architectural and architecturally related drawings. This course is limited to students enrolled in UMA's architecture or computer information systems (CIS) programs. Prerequisite: ARC102.

12148 Computer Aided Design (CAD) - T 01:00PM-03:45PM, Staff


ARC 305 Architectural Design IV

Through design projects of increasing complexity and public utilization, students will continue to develop skills in creative conceptual design and graphic/model presentations. Design analysis, awareness, and expression through a deeper understanding and exploration of architectural space, scale, and light and their combined effects upon human environmental behavior and experience will be explored. Technical issues to be considered include: code requirements, parking, zoning, mechanical needs, pedestrian and vehicular circulation, and barrier-free (ADA) design.This course should be taken concurrently with ARC232. Prerequisite: ARC 204, 221, and 231., Corequisite: ARC 332

12145 Architectural Design IV - MTH 09:00AM-12:00PM, Stark 4


ARC 322 Structures II

The course expands upon the study and analysis of architectural structures through an exploration of the design of structural components including: wood, composite materials, reinforced concrete, cables, and steel members. Students will become aware of the deforming forces of tension, compression, shear, and torsion along with the respective mathematical effects on the deflection of structural members including beams and columns. In addition, the concepts of structural continuity, combined stress, pre-stressing, and optimization design regarding various structural components and systems will be studied. Prerequisite: Arc 221

12150 Structures I - W 01:00PM-03:45PM, Sherman 3


ARC 332 Construction Techniques

A lecture, partial drafting, and model-building course in construction processes and associated working drawings. Students may be required to build accurate representational models demonstrating common construction systems and produce working drawings or the technical drawings required to explain traditional light construction practices and techniques. This course must be taken concurrently with ARC 305. Prerequisite: ARC 231, Corequisite: ARC 305

12149 Construction Techniques - T 09:00AM-11:45AM, Hancock 3


ARC 350 Mechanical Systems in Architecture

The basic mechanical systems that allow a modern building to function will be covered. The student will learn how to design with consideration to these mechanical system needs and how these needs impact the design program and process, and the spatial requirements for these systems and the way they are integrated into design. Topics to be covered: electrical - layout and design, lighting (independent of sunlight), acoustics; plumbing - supply and removal, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and exchange systems (HVAC). Prerequisite: PHY 115 & completion of 64 semester hours.

12151 Mechanical Systems in Architecture - W 09:00AM-12:00PM, Sherman 3


ARC 406 Architecture Apprenticeship

All architecture students must complete an apprenticeship of 80-100 hours with a UMA approved architect or equivalent design professional. The emphasis of the apprenticeship is to provide the student with firsthand experience into the workings of a professional office and exposure to the professional practice in an architectural design career. Prerequisite: ARC204.

14290 Architecture Apprenticeship, Staff 3


ARC 420 Architectural Design VI

Part one of this seminar course covers topics not covered in other ARC or related coursework but important to the overall education of the designer. Topics will include: professional practice, specification writing, setting up a professional office, contract documents, alternative energy systems, construction cost estimating, and construction supervision concurrently with a design component concerning urban planning. Design problems will address public use spaces with planning skills incorporating issues of re-use flexibility, future expansion, and multi-building relationships. Part two of the seminar covers the choice, research, programming, and planning of an individual design thesis for the semester-long ARC430. Students will produce a program notebook covering all site and space research and programming requirements for their proposed thesis project. Prerequisite: ARC 306 and all ARC technology courses.

12147 Architectural Design VI - MTH 09:00AM-12:00PM, Hinkley 4