ART 100 Introduction to Studio Art

A studio course designed specifically for non-art majors who wish to have an introduction to studio experience including an emphasis in self-expression, and an exploration of techniques in drawing, design, painting and/or printmaking.

24512 TTH 01:00PM-03:30PM Staff 3

24580 MW 04:00PM-06:30PM Taylor 3

24706 W 09:00AM-12:00PM Lutterman 3
W 01:00PM-03:00PM Lutterman 3

24732 F 08:30AM-12:00PM Kellogg 3
F 01:00PM-02:30PM Kellogg 3

24820 F 09:00AM-12:00PM Lutterman 3

F 12:30PM-02:30PM Lutterman 3

24896 T 09:00AM-12:00PM Chastain 3
T 01:00PM-03:00PM Chastain 3

25049 Martens 3
30757 Closson 3


ART 109 Photographic Vision and Digital Discovery

This course is designed for non-art majors. Utilizing the digital camera and related computer imaging software, students will learn the basics of photographic technique and explore how to visualize the 3-dimensional world as a 2-dimensional photographic image.

24582 MW 01:00PM-03:30PM Peppe 3

25052 Dewaters 3

ART 112 2-D Design

Fundamentals of 2-D design. Series of exercises and applied problems in visual organization; study includes line, texture, shape, size, space and color theory.

24514 M 09:00AM-11:30AM Staff 3
W 09:00AM-11:30AM Staff 3
24515 T 01:00PM-03:30PM Bickford 3
TH 01:00PM-03:30PM Bickford 3


ART 113 3-D Design

Fundamentals of 3-D design. Exercises and conceptual problems in space, form, structure and texture as applied to 3-dimensional organization.

24516 TTH 09:00AM-11:30AM Katz 3

ART 115 Drawing I

Drawing from nature, still life, and the model with an emphasis on accurate observation and recording. The role of drawing in visual communication and creative exploration will also be emphasized.

24518 MW 09:00AM-11:30AM Adrienne 3
24517 MW 06:45PM-09:15PM Katz 3

24728 TH 08:30AM-12:00PM Kellogg 3
TH 01:00PM-02:30PM Kellogg 3

ART 140 Intro to Digital Imaging

(This course is cross-listed with PHO140.) An introduction to computer-aided image making.The course covers the concepts of color space, image capture and resolution, output options, raster vs. vector imaging, an overview of various software applications, digital manipulation, and an introduction to Adobe Photoshop.

24520 MW 01:00PM-03:30PM Staff 3

ART 202 Electronic Arts I

Electronic Arts I: Design for Print and Web: An introductory class exploring type and image manipulation, sequencing and web based technology.This course will focus on the co-relation of graphic design to society and contemporary art.Students will investigate the importance of organizing dynamic information in an overall grid, developing layouts in a given context and sequencing of image and content for clear visual communication.Course covers various software applications including Adobe Creative Suite.Prerequisite: ART1123Cr

24522 TTH 04:00PM-06:30PM Rainey 3

ART 215 Drawing II

Drawing from nature, still lifes and the model with emphasis on accurate observation and recording. The objectives are similar to ART115, Drawing I, but with additional emphasis on value (light-dark) rendering. Prerequisite: ART115

24524 MW 01:00PM-03:30PM Sulzer 3

24731 TH 08:30AM-12:00PM Kellogg 3
TH 01:00PM-02:30PM Kellogg 3

ART 219 Sculpture I

An introduction to a variety of sculptural media and techniques. The development of concepts and expression through the use of sculptural process will be explored. Prerequisite: ART113.

24525 MW 09:00AM-11:30AM Katz 3

ART 227 Watercolor Painting I

This is a studio course in the fundamentals of watercolor painting. Students will be introduced to a variety of watercolor techniques and materials, both traditional and contemporary. Prerequisite: ART115.

24821 MW 04:00PM-06:30PM Lester 3

ART 235 Black & White Photography I

(This course is cross listed with PHO101.)The history, aesthetics, and sociology of basic black and white photography. Areas that will be covered include 35mm camera and lens functions, depth of field, proper exposure techniques, basic B&W film processing and print making, presentation methods, and introduction to photographic aesthetics. Each student will produce a portfolio of final images upon completion of the course. Students must provide their own 35mm camera. Prerequisite: ART 112 or Permission of Instructor.

24527 TTH 09:00AM-11:30AM Dewaters 3

ART 261 Creative Bookmaking

An exploration of traditional western casebound binding, traditional Japanese bindings, and contemporary concepts and applications for book creation. Prerequisite: ART112 or 113.

24529 MW 01:00PM-03:30PM Adrienne 3

ART 315 Drawing III

Advanced studio problems in drawing with an emphasis on the figure, color and combined media. Individual concepts and personal expression developed. Prerequisite: ART115 and 215.

24531 TTH 09:00AM-11:30AM Adrienne 3

ART 320 Contemporary Studio Practice and Theory

Advanced studio problems will consider notations of time, movement, and space in both two and three dimensions, including utilization of contemporary theory and mediums. Prerequisite: ART 112 and 113.

24534 F 09:00AM-11:30AM Bickford 3

F 12:30PM-03:00PM Bickford 3

ART 321 Painting II

An intermediate exploration of painting fundamentals, materials, and techniques with projects designed to facilitate individual exploration and the development of a body of work. Students are introduced to a range of painting materials and processes--acrylics, inks, collage, mixed media--thereby generating a wide range of imagery. Through discussion, demonstration, and practice, the student becomes acquainted with the physical and conceptional problems of traditional and contemporary painting.

24570 MW 09:00AM-11:30AM Sulzer 3

24941 TH 09:00AM-12:00PM Chandler 3
TH 01:00PM-03:00PM Chandler 3

ART 335 Black & White Photography II

(This course is cross-listed with PHO 202).Intermediate black and white photography. Areas that will be covered include the history, aesthetics, and sociology of photography; photographic design; exposure contrast filters; using the light meter to control exposure; photographing in low-light situations; intermediate methods of film processing and print making; window mat cutting; the photographic sequence or series; and seeing photographically. Prerequisite: ART 235

24571 MW 01:00PM-03:30PM Rainey 3

ART 420 Senior Seminar

Emphasis on understanding aesthetics of contemporary art and applications to a personal body of work. A primary aspect of this course is the discussion of each student philosophy and aesthetic influences upon their art in preparation for ART430, Senior Project. Other areas addressed are portfolio development as well as academic and professional options for the bachelor of arts graduate. Prerequisite: Successful completion of portfolio requirement and art major/senior standing.

24572 T 04:00PM-06:45PM Dewaters 3

ART 421 Painting III

An advanced exploration of the material and conceptual language of painting with a focus on the thematic development (subject matter, process and/or concept) of a sequential body of work.The student defines goals, processes and methodology in consultation with the instructor, resulting in an independent project.An engagement in research and discussion about contemporary painting issues is required. Prerequisites: ART 221 and 321.

24574 MW 09:00AM-11:30AM Sulzer 3

ART 435 Black & White Photography III

(This course is cross-listed with PHO 301.)Advanced black and white photography. Areas that will be covered include film exposure and development testing, the zone system method of exposure control, photographic previsualization, advanced film processing and printmaking techniques, archival processing and storage, and developing a personal photographic vision. Prerequisite: ART 335

24576 MW 01:00PM-03:30PM Rainey 3