ASL 101 Introduction to American Sign Language I                                              

An introductory course in ASL (American Sign Language). The classroom session will have a very strong focus on ASL conversational skills (expressive and receptive). The foundation of these skills will be based on 800-1,000 signs and the manual alphabet, as well as the use of gesture and mime as communication tools. Readings and discussions about the culture of the deaf community will be included.

25077 W 01:15PM-05:00PM Terry 4
25078 W 05:30PM-09:15PM Boerner 4

24583 Staff 4

24822 T 06:00PM-09:45PM Boerner 4


ASL 203 American Sign Language III                                                            

Continuation of ASL102. Vocabulary building, skills building, identifying and developing strategies used in communicating with the deaf using ASL. Prerequisite: ASL101 and ASL102

24588 Staff 4