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This sheet is intended to be informational only.
Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to registration
In effect for students admitted to Fall 2008

All required placement examinations and/or academic assessments must be completed prior to any course registration. To ensure that students have the best possible opportunity to succeed in their major, students testing into developmental coursework are advised to complete the recommended courses within the first semesters of attendance.
Please check the following boxes to determine if basic requirements have been met at the following levels. OXX stands for the course number. Please fill this in if course(s) are completed or required.
Recommended Course(s)


Not Required  

 ENGLISH  OXX  _______  _______  _______  _______
 READING OXX _______  _______  _______  _______
 MATH  OXX     _______  _______  _______  _______

You must complete the following as requirements for your degree: All UMA students are required to take at least one writing intensive course. Writing intensive courses are marked with a W. Additional courses may also meet this requirement. Check with your academic advisor. 
COMMUNICATION (3 credit hours)  Choose one of the following:
      _______________  COM 101: Public Speaking 
      _______________  COM 102: Interpersonal Communications  
      _______________  COM 104: Communication in Groups and Organizations
      _______________  COM 106: Oral Communication of Literature
ENGLISH (3 credit hours)
      _______________  ENG 101: College Writing
HUMANITIES (3 credit hours) Choose two of the following (Must include 3 credits in literature):
      _______________  ENG 102W:  any literature course
      _______________  ENG 202W: English Literature I: Medieval and Renaissance
      _______________  ENG 203W: English Literature II: Restoration, 18th Century and Romantisicm
      _______________  ENG 250W: American Literature to 1900
      _______________  ENG 251W: American Literature 1900 - Present
      _______________  HTY xxx: any history courses
      _______________  HUM xxx: any humanities course
      _______________  PHI xxx: any philosophy course
      _______________  POS 390: Survey of Political Theory
      _______________  WST 101W: Introduction to Women's Studies
MATHEMATICS (3 credit hours) 
      _______________  MAT 100: Mathematics and Its Applications or higher-level mathematics course
SCIENCE (4 credit hours) 
      _______________  XXX xxx: any laboratory science course 
SOCIAL SCIENCE (3 credit hours) Choose one of the following:
      _______________  ANT 101: Introduction to Anthropology
      _______________  ANT 102: Cultural Anthropology
      _______________  ECO 100: Introduction to Economics
      _______________  ECO 201: Principles of Economics I ( Macroeconomics)
      _______________  ECO 202: Principles of Economics II (Microeconomics)
      _______________  GEO 101: Introduction to Geography
      _______________  POS 101: American Government
      _______________  POS 102: Introduction to Politics and Government
      _______________  PSY100: Introduction to Psychology (required for bachelor's degree)
      _______________  SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology
      _______________  SOC 201: Social Problems
      _______________  MUS 141: Applied Music: Major Instrument, Voice, or Composition (2cr)
      _______________  MUS 142: Applied Music: Major Instrument, Voice, or Composition (2cr)
      _______________  MUS 243: Applied Music: Major Instrument, Voice, or Composition (2cr)
      _______________  MUS 244: Applied Music: Major Instrument, Voice, or Composition (2cr)
  MUS 244: JUNIOR STANDING JURY (optional)
  ARRANGING (6 credit hours)
      _______________  MUS221: Arranging I (3cr)
      _______________  MUS222: Arranging II (3cr)
  ENSEMBLES (4 credit hours)
      _______________  MUS 151: First-Year Sophomore Ensemble Sequence (1cr)
      _______________  MUS 152: First-Year Sophomore Ensemble Sequence (1cr)
      _______________  MUS 253: First-Year Sophomore Ensemble Sequence (1cr)
      _______________  MUS 254: First-Year Sophomore Ensemble Sequence (1cr)
  MUSIC CAREERS/HISTORY (10 credit hours)
      _______________  MUS 131: Survey of Jazz and Contemporary Music (2cr)
      _______________  MUS 132: Introduction to Music Business (2cr)
      _______________  MUS 333: History and Literature of Music I (3cr)
      _______________  MUS 334: History and Literature of Music II (3cr)
  MUSIC RECITAL Four semesters of MUS 100 required
     _______________    _______________     _______________   _______________
  MUSIC THEORY (20 credit hours)
      _______________  MUS 101: Basic Music Theory Lecture I (3cr)
      _______________  MUS 111: Basic Music Theory Lab I (2 cr)
      _______________  MUS 102: Basic Music Theory Lecture II (3 cr)
      _______________  MUS 112: Basic Music Theory Lab II (2cr)
      _______________  MUS 203: Intermediate Music Theory Lecture I (3cr)
      _______________  MUS 213: Intermediate Music Theory Lab I (2cr)
      _______________  MUS 204: Intermediate Music Theory Lecture II (3cr)
      _______________  MUS 214: Intermediate Music Theory Lab II (2cr)
  PIANO LABS  (2 credit hours) 
      _______________  MUS 181: Piano Lab I (1cr)
      _______________  MUS 182: Piano Lab II (1cr)

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