University of Maine at Augusta
College of Arts & Humanities
Minor in Holocaust, Genocide and Human Rights Studies
2009-2010 Catalog




Minor Requirements (18 credit hours):
HUM/SSC 301 The Holocaust - from Prejudice to Genocide (3)
HUM/SSC 367 Genocide in Out Time (3)
HON 300 Service Learning Project/Internship in HGHRS (3)

Three of the following from the at least two different disciplines (9)
_________________ _________________ _________________

Arts & Humanities
ENG 331W African-American Literature
ENG 375W Contemporary Latin-American Literature
ENG 470 Literature of the Holocaust
HTY 341 History of American Slavery
HUM 122 Native American Cultures
HUM/WST 310 Intro to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Studies
HUM 350W Franco-Americans-Cultural Identity in Context
PHI 351 Biomedical Ethics
WST 101W Introduction to Women's Studies

Social Science
COM/SOC/SSC 250 Intercultural Communications
PSY 342 Psychology of Genocide Survival
PSY 415 Cross-Cultural Psychology
SSC 450 Conflict Resolution
SOC 201 Social Problems
SOC 340 Sociology of Minorities

Dual Designation: HUM/SSC 302 Transformation of Modern Jewry since 1492


Note: Other courses with a focus in the Holocaust, genocide, or human rights will be considered as electives. Approval of the advisor and the relevant dean is required.


Students are encouraged to contact their faculty advisor and the Advising Center for academic advising and support services throughout their stay at UMA.

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