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Minor in Financial Services
( 18 credit hours)
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Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to registration

  In effect for students admitted to Fall 2008

Prior to taking these courses, a student should complete a student application form.

To assure success, students should fulfill the prerequisite course(s) before the requirements.

  BUSINESS (18 credit hours)
       _______________  BUA 101: Financial Accounting for Decision Making
       _______________  BUA 211: Accounting for Management Decisions
       _______________  BUA 151: Personal Financial Planning
and choose one of the following:
       _______________  BUA 215: Principles of Banking
       _______________  ECO  310: Money and Banking
and choose two of the following:
       _______________  BUA 210: Fundamentals of Life & Health Insurance
       _______________  BUA 222: Fundamentals of Property & Casualty Insurance
       _______________  BUA 253: Principles of Investments

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