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Post Baccalaureate of Science, COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS

( 45 credit hours)

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Students must consult with an academic advisor prior to registration
In effect for students admitted to Fall 2008

You must maintain a 2.0 GPA and complete the following as requirements for your degree: 

Baccalaureate degree from an accredited institution in a different disciple.

  COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS (15 credit hours)  students must first meet with a CIS advisor to determine which of the following courses should be taken to meet this requirement
       _______________  CIS 101: Introduction to Computer Science
       _______________  CIS 131: Web Applications
       _______________  CIS 135: Intro to Information Systems and App. Dev.
       _______________  CIS 210: Programming Concepts OR CIS 212: Programming Concepts: Visual Basic I
       _______________  CIS 220: Information Technology Hardware and Systems Software
       _______________  CIS 240: Networking Concepts
       _______________  CIS 243: Web Applications XML
       _______________  MAT 280: Discrete mathematical Structures I
       _______________  MAT 281: Discrete Mathematical Structures II

Note: based  professional experience, and permission of your CIS advisor you may substitute any CIS-XXX electives for these 15 hours

       _______________  CIS 330: Systems Analysis
       _______________  CIS 335: Applications Development: ASP
       _______________  CIS 350: Database Design & Management
       _______________  CIS 460: Computers and Culture
       _______________  CIS 470: Project Management
  COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING (6 credit hours) Choose two of the following:
       _______________  CIS 214: Applications Programming: Java
       _______________  CIS 215: Applications Programming: C++
       _______________  CIS 312: Applications Programming: Advanced Visual Basics
       _______________  CIS 314: Applications Programming: Advanced Java
       _______________  CIS 333: Applications Programming: PHP
       _______________  CIS 389 or CIS 489: Programming Topics
       _______________  CIS 394 or CIS 494: Independent Study: Programming Topics
       _______________  CIS 412: Visual Basic for Applications
  COMPUTER INFORMATION SYSTEMS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY ELECTIVES (9 credit hours) choose three of the following: (Note: you must select at least one 400-level information technology elective)
       _______________  CIS 341: Network Applications
       _______________  CIS 351: Database Management Systems: Oracle
       _______________  CIS 354: Algorithms and Data Structures
       _______________  CIS 360: Geographical Information Systems
       _______________  CIS 389 or CIS 489: Information Technology Topics
       _______________  CIS 394 or CIS 494: Independent Study: Information Technology Topics
       _______________  CIS 438: E-Commerce
       _______________  CIS 466: Geographical Information Systems II

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